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With Homie Wars, you have the ultimate Web3 experience at your fingertips! start playing with friends, training against AI, or exploring the Homieverse.

Contact Address: 0xB534B21082e44A9C5865876F41F8dd348278fDf2

What Homie Wars is about?


It's easy, you don't need money to play. No cost at all

Web3 Experience

Enjoy the full Web3 experience playing with your own NFTs and competing in tournaments to earn $Homiecoins

Engaging platform

Enter the world of Homie Wars for an engaging, skill-building adventure

Enhance your experience connecting your wallet

Connect your wallet to Homie Wars and gain access to exclusive features such your owned NFTs, or get points to compete for the leaderboard

Battle2Earn Mechanics

Compete with the best in Battle2Earn mode, earn $Homiecoins weekly by showcasing your skills and dominating the leaderboard

Step 01: wallet login is mandatory to track your score
Step 02: join the Battle2Earn portal
Step 03: accumulate victories to climb the leaderboard
Step 04: lead Homie Wars and earn rewards.
Homie is for the people

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