Join Homie Wars now and enjoy the first and unique Battle2Earn Metaverse

The Homieverse

Where the
Homies gather

The Homieverse is where everything happens. You can show off your unique Homie NFTs, join battles, participate in events or just hang out and chill with other Homies

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The Homiecoin

The Homiecoin is the currency that fuels the Homieverse economy. Some of the Homiecoin utilities are:

  • Hold to assure a spot in the daily Golden Battle
  • Stake Homiecoins to get a chance to win a weekly NFT Chest
  • Be able to play in Challenge Rooms vs other Homies
  • Get rewards just for holding
  • CA: 0xB534B21082e44A9C5865876F41F8dd348278fDf2

As the Homieverse continues expanding we will bring more utilities to the $Homiecoin. Stay tuned to discover the new exciting features

Homie Wars


  • Pinksale
  • Coinracer
  • BscNews
  • Dapp Playstore
  • PixelSweeper
  • Binions
  • Binions
  • Polium

The Whitepaper

Want to
know more?

You already know the highlights of Homie Wars.
if you want to know more you can visit the whitepaper where everything is detailed.

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Learn more about Homie Wars

Our forecast is to have the Golden Battle fully operational 3 months after filling the PreSale.

One month after the first Golden Battle is launched, you will be able to compete with other Homies in the Challenge Rooms.

One week before the launch of the first Golden Battle, we will open the HomieShop so that you can trade the first NFTs.

The Homieverse can only grow, among our plans you can find:

  • Staking
  • Yield farming.
  • Expand the B2E Metaverse with events and new battles
  • Obstacle and map course creator (NFT).

Meet Our Team

Meet The HomieTeam


Ana Agüero

CoFounder & COO


David Miquel

CoFounder & CPO


Victor Calvo

CoFounder & CTO


Anthony Francis



Melanie D.



Pablo Julian


Homie, Got Questions?

Reach us in Telegram, Twitter or [email protected] !